Early Termination of Probation

Early Termination of Probation

One of the terms generally included as part of your plea agreement or sentencing on a misdemeanor or felony conviction is probation.  The length of time that probation lasts can vary depending on the charge you were convicted of as well as other variables. Often people agree to or are sentenced to a probation period, but the probation is causing collateral issues that were not apparent at the time of sentencing.  Along with being off of probation in general, there are other potential benefits including having probation end for Employment purposes, Immigration purposes, Travel and other potential purposes.  

Sometimes the probation itself is not the direct cause of an issue, but the conviction is causing an unforeseen circumstance.  One of the requirements for getting an expungement granted is that you are not currently on an active probation, whether it be formal or informal probation.

The good news is, it is possible to file a motion with the court to have probation terminated early.  Whether or not such a motion is granted is at the discretion of the Judge, and there are many factors that are considered.  

This includes:

The reason for wanting to terminate probation,

Whether or not the other terms of sentencing were completed

The criminal record or lack of criminal record since the conviction in question

The amount of time that has passed since being placed on probation

Can You Help Me Get My Probation Terminated Early?

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in California handling early termination of probation proceedings and expungements, I have extensive experience overcoming obstacles that get in the way of clearing criminal records for my clients and have done so with great success.   The reality is, the chance of success in getting probation terminated early depends on a lot of specific factors to each case. After speaking with you about your situation in detail, I can give you honest feedback as to whether it makes sense or not move to forward with a “motion to terminate probation” at this time.  

I am more than happy to give you a free consultation to discuss your probation status and options.  Call me (Philip Hache, Attorney) at (818) 336-1384, or fill out the Contact Form.  I look forward to assisting you to clear your record and help you move past your conviction!